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Nector tilføjet programmet d.15/11

Så er Nector føjet til programmet til NO9 d. 15/11.

Nector har spillet på NO9 før og har siden da,fornyet deres repertoire og  som noget nyt  har Nector deres nye sanger Marie Louise med.

Nector Billede

“Nector is a danish electronic music duo. They experiment with classic house, techno and nu-disco with a modern perspective. Funky house mixed with hypnotic and continuous bass based beats makes the sound of Nector. Their talent for sound design has given them the opportunity to create their own fusion between genres and also create their own sound universe.“

Nector is currently unsigned, apart from one track called “No Logical Guarantee” which is featured on the major danish electronic compilation “Sound of Copenhagen”. Moreover, the track reached top 5 on iTunes’ electronic music chart.

Nector artikel

Nector artikel


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